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Professional Organizers, Project Managers and Personal Assistants serving the Dallas - Ft. Worth, Texas areas. Member of the National Association of Professional Organizers with 10+ years experience specializing in productivity, ADD/ADHD, office systems and time management.

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"Thanks again for all your help. I really enjoyed working with you and feel that I completely got my money's worth!"

Joel B., Residential Client

"My husband and I have worked with Michelle of Unhurried Life over the past year while we decluttered and organized 33 years of stuff before moving to our new home. Moving is stressful enough but we were also dealing with the loss of several family members and additional inherited items. Michelle was very knowledgeable about ways to help us make decisions with amazing progress each day while being very sensitive to our feelings and situation. It feels great every time we see more space and organization in our closets and cabinets.  We hadn't realized how much stress all of the stuff was contributing to our lives! Michelle Earney is extremely trustworthy, confidential, and we trust her with organizing our personal office and files. She has proven herself to be indispensable!  Michelle helped us to feel comfortable from the first day and has been a hard worker all along the way!  We are thankful for her expertise and excellent service!"

Cathryn S., Residential Client

"I've always prided myself at being organized and spent most of my career organizing and managing others. But when I came to my own home office I had NO idea where to start! Michelle was a savior and made me realize how much clutter I had that I really would NEVER use and didn't need.  She gave me "permission" to part w/things I thought had sentimental value that were just taking up space & stressing me out.  It was so cathartic AND we had fun!!"

Kimm W., Residential Client

"Michelle has been a life saver! She started off helping me get my house organized to sell, but (the project) quickly became much more. She was a huge help setting up my daughter's dorm room and has been a fabulous consultant while building our new home. I have recommended Michelle to all my friends!"

Stacey Q., Residential Client

"I hired Michelle to help me get organized when dealing with the results of a divorce, living in one home for 18 years, having two children, losing my home office (to a small hutch), and being perpetually too busy 'to keep up.' We accomplished so much more than I ever imagined we would in the time we had allotted. I now have a system and tasks to continue moving in the right direction. (But it still takes consistent work to stay on top of it.) Michelle walked in and got straight to work. Our previous phone discussions had guided her to what was most important to me. She helped me take the emotion out of the project and move quickly through several years of paperwork to reduce it to a manageable system. I have recommended her to several friends. I would use her at the office, and at home again. (I can't wait to have the time to do more with her.) I can see why she has many returning and consistent clients. Such dramatic results in such a short time."  

Kim B., Residential Client

"Michelle's professional help in my whole home organization was invaluable. She was my organizational 'personal trainer.' I never would have completed the enormity of the undertaking without her guidance, reassurance and support. From utility closets to a master bathroom dressing area, Michelle's patience and expertise were certainly tested. Her tried and true methods and perseverance got us through a large project in a short amount of time with excellent results. She truly has helped change my life and I would highly recommend her to anyone who has a large organizational undertaking to only a small area - you won't believe what a difference it will make. I like to think of myself as a motivated and bright girl and when it came to the undertaking of getting my home organized, I thought it would be a nice 'treat' to have someone help, but Michelle is far more than just help. Every single day when something comes up that I need to retrieve in the house, it's such a pleasure to know exactly where to go and not have to waste time searching for where something might be. She's polite, professional and positively essential to your organizational project!!"

Vanessa R., Residential and Corporate Client

"I cannot say enough about how Michelle has helped me and my family. I had made multiple attempts to organize myself with the purchase of multiple containers and organizational systems but my tools simply were not helping me process through the clutter. I wasn't feeling very productive with what little time I had to devote to the office project. Michelle helped me sort through the clutter and shared many productivity techniques. I have a wonderful system set now for bill payment, outgoing, incoming, holidays, etc. For example, when looking for a warranty or receipt I don't have to waste valuable time to find them. I can put my hands on what I need when I need it. No more piles! No more clutter! Michelle is truly a lifesaver!"

Dayna H., Residential Client

"We had been struggling with storage and piles of junk since we moved into our house 18 months ago. We thought we had gotten rid of a lot of things when we moved, but there was still closets packed with moving boxes, photographs, and personal files. Then we moved our office into our home and things began to multiply. Piles of stuff began to take over our laundry room and bedroom. It was difficult to find things we needed and hard to just walkthrough our bedroom. The frustration grew on a daily basis. My wife thought she was failing as a housekeeper. We needed help!!! Michelle came to town and spent 4 days helping us organize. She helped install shelving, organize photographs, organize office materials, but most of all gave us a plan to keep things from piling up again. Michelle was a tremendous help in relieving our frustration with the disorganization, gave us our bedroom back, and helped turn our house from a disorganized storage unit back into a home."

Bob Q., Residential and Corporate Client

"I had almost given up. My photography and scrap booking hobbies had become a mess; an unorganized mountain of photos, memorabilia, supplies, stickers, and albums. I had too much 'stuff.' Every time I looked at my piles I got discouraged and wanted to quit. My family's busy lifestyle left precious little free time to organize my work space, let alone work on my projects. Then, Michelle came and designed an overall picture of what needed to be done. She began to divide the projects into smaller, more manageable tasks. Best of all, Michelle developed a master album plan that I can use over and over as I tackle our family's memories through each of the many years. Michelle has a gentle but firm approach that helped me sort, throw out, and keep what is truly important. Now when I want to work on my memory books, I can easily start working without feeling frustrated and unorganized. No more wasted time, no more aggravation, and no more buying supplies that I already own. I am much more productive than I ever was before. I never could have accomplished this task without the professional help that Michelle provided. And best of all, now I have fun, thanks to Michelle!"

Susan H., Residential Client

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