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Professional Organizers, Project Managers and Personal Assistants serving the Dallas - Ft. Worth, Texas areas. Member of the National Association of Professional Organizers with 10+ years experience specializing in productivity, ADD/ADHD, office systems and time management.

the unhurried philosophy

What is an "Unhurried Life"?

Living an unhurried life doesn't mean you simply "do less." Rather, it's confidence in knowing what to do, when to do it, and what you need to get it done.

How did the Unhurried Life come about?

Hi there! Years ago, I (Michelle, the owner) worked for a Global Fortune 500 telecommunications company. While located in Texas, my bosses were on the West Coast and their bosses on the East Coast. My accounts were in Central and South America and I worked with vendors in Denmark, Singapore, Finland, and other parts of the globe. Needless to say, I worked around the clock. 

When I found that I was no longer able to relax, able to focus, and seemed to always respond to someone else's urgent need before my own, I thought perhaps I had developed adult onset A.D.D. (attention deficit disorder). I visited my doctor and took a few tests to find that no, I didn't have A.D.D. What I did have was a severe case of over-doing everything!

I had multitasked myself to the point of exhaustion. That wake-up call forced me to look into a new way of doing things and a new way of living. I began re-evaluating the way I did everything - from interacting with friends and family to managing work at the office and at home.

My life didn't slow down. But my approach to life changed dramatically. 

When my time in the corporate world came to a close, I began to prepare for my next role. By this point, I had acquired a unique skill set through real-life experience, professional and formal education, and a lot of trial-by-fire and on-the-job lessons. Rather than squeeze this skill set into another pre-define corporate role, I decided to go out on my own and combine all these skills into what is now my organizing company, an Unhurried Life. 

How did you choose your business name?

I often hear from new clients that they've chosen to work with us simply because they want the idea of what we offer... an unhurried life. As with any new skill, it isn't (usually) easily mastered. I'll admit there are a few organizing prodigies out there, but with practice and persistence an unhurried life is entirely possible for everyone. 

When developing my company, I came across this quote by Bonnie Friedman, "An unhurried sense of time is in itself a form of wealth." That statement so resonated with me- what would it feel like to not be hurried? Even when I was on vacation I felt a sense of urgency... a sense that I would miss out, or had missed some task before I left, or needed to be somewhere else than where I was or needed to check in with work... Sound familiar? I know I'm not the only one!

I remember thinking, if I can do this - actually change my approach to life so that I no longer feel hurried - then no amount of income could replace the peace of feeling... simply.. unhurried.

Because so much of what happens in your day could be out of your control, you can't always manage what comes your way... but you can always manage how you respond and react to it. That's the unhurried life. 

It doesn't mean you do less. It doesn't mean you immediately slash your calendar in half. 

It does mean you define what's most important to you. Once we do that, we know how to order your day and change your pace. 

How does that play into organizing my pantry (closet, office, etc.)?

Sometimes, to move forward in life you simply have a roadblock that needs to be removed!

Maybe you've got your life goals figured out... but, you've just gone back to work and are struggling to keep up with life at home. Or maybe, you're...

  • Newly married?
  • Recently divorced?
  • Had a baby? Or two!?
  • Merging households?
  • Inheriting households?
  • Moving households?
  • Empty nesters?

Whatever the case may be, life throws curve balls that we all need help dealing with from time to time. So if you simply need your pantry re-worked to make dinnertime less stressful or if you've been through a life tragedy and need guidance in forging a new path, we can help. Contact us today!