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Dallas, Texas 75205

Professional Organizers, Project Managers and Personal Assistants serving the Dallas - Ft. Worth, Texas areas. Member of the National Association of Professional Organizers with 10+ years experience specializing in productivity, ADD/ADHD, office systems and time management.



  • Attention Deficit Disorder (Tips and strategies for managing life)
  • Closet Design and Declutter (Sorting and purging and/or complete re-design)
  • Bullet Journals (Setting up and using for priority/task management)
  • Filing (Financial, storage, paper or electronic)
  • Financial and/or Data Tracking (Quicken, Excel, Documenting/Preparing for Tax Professional)
  • Hobby Management (Scrapbooks, crafts, sewing, etc.)
  • Home Systems Design (Office, closets, pantry, children's rooms, laundry, garage, etc.)
  • "KonMari" Method (Utilizing strategies from Marie Kondo's book, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up")
  • Office Systems Design (Space analysis, paper or electronic data management, systems and process improvement)
  • Project Management (More on this page here. Includes creating websites, publishing books, social media, etc.)
  • Relocations (Declutter pre-move, same-day move support, unpacking)
  • Teaching new systems (Evernote, Reminders, Mac OS, Google Calendars, etc.)
  • Team Training (Gap analysis, process improvement)
  • Time Management  (Handling incoming information, emails, priorities, deadlines)
  • Whole-home Declutter (Learning to embrace minimalism or essentialism, preparing for an upcoming move, empty-nesters, down-sizing)
  • Don't see what you need? CONTACT US for more services, or for help in finding the right organizer for you.

What to expect:

Our organizers work in 4-hour segments or can be booked for the entire day with a 6-hour minimum. We'll begin with a brief tour of your home to evaluate all available space and products that could be used more efficiently. Then, we'll prioritize your goals and make a game plan to get started! 

At the end of each session and at no additional cost to you, our team will haul away as many donations or recyclables that will fit in our cars!


Don't wait for the "perfect" time To get organized - it doesn't exist.

The key is simply deciding that today is the day to begin the process. Contact us to get started!

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Michelle’s professional help in my whole home organization was invaluable. She was my organizational ‘personal trainer.’ I never would have completed the enormity of the undertaking without her guidance, reassurance and support. Her tried and true methods and perseverance got us through a large project in a short amount of time with excellent results. She truly has helped change my life and I would highly recommend her to anyone who has a large organizational undertaking to only a small area - you won’t believe what a difference it will make!!
— Vanessa R., Residential and Corporate Client