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Professional Organizers, Project Managers and Personal Assistants serving the Dallas - Ft. Worth, Texas areas. Member of the National Association of Professional Organizers with 10+ years experience specializing in productivity, ADD/ADHD, office systems and time management.

corporate kudos

I have to say the task of corralling all that paper was not a pleasure but working with you certainly was! I could have never, ever made that progress if I hadn't partnered with you. All previous efforts could be likened to hacking through the jungle with a butter knife. Fortunately you brought your machete and map and we reached the final destination. 

My first day back at work was complete chaos. My main comfort was that I absolutely, positively knew where all my stuff and notes are and was able to dip my hand into the "Magic Drawer" of business papers. No more frantically ransacking the haystack on my desk!  

Rhonda K., Corporate Client

"Thank you! I appreciate your wisdom, insights and patience. I have been spending a good deal of time analyzing what we did and why I have confidence that this will work. You listened to and saw how I work and designed/created something that will give the highest chance for success with the least amount of frustration. I think your time in the corporate world gave you useful insight. I and your clients are the beneficiary of that skill set.”

Howard F., Corporate Client

"One of the first things on my 'to-do' list, when I started with our agency, was to clean out the supply room. It was so bad, my staff refused to go in there, so we ended up just ordering supplies without even checking to see if we already had them! That was almost two years ago. So when a couple of weeks opened up for me last spring, I knew this was my chance to cross this headache off my list. My agency interviewed several organizational companies and accepted a handful of proposals for this project. Michelle's attention to detail and enthusiasm won us over hands down (not to mention her phenomenal proposal)! Since we are a government agency, there were times we had to overcome timing, building management, and security obstacles. Michelle faced these challenges head on and was always prepared with a plan B if needed. Michelle worked with vendors to schedule the removal and disposal of items, the purchasing and installation of our new shelving system, and even offered to schedule a meeting with the staff to familiarize them with our new system! I cannot express how pleased I am with the outcome of this project. Our agency is scheduling a move in the near future and I plan on having Michelle by my side the whole way!"

Natalee M., Corporate Client

"Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us today. Each person that I spoke to after your talk was very excited. You were inspiring, yet left us with a place to start and not just some crazy lofty goals, which was great. I hope to begin using the information that I learned immediately, in fact, I think that I'm going to do the homework and figure out the roles and ambitions for each of them. My coworkers and I were particularly pleased with how well it went."

Gina H., Corporate Client (Guest Speaker Event)

"I called Michelle several weeks ago and told her that I needed help getting my office/desk organized. My desk was just one stack of papers next to another stack of papers. The office did not portray a very good impression on clients as they came to see us during the last tax season. I told her that we never lost anyone's files but we sure spent too much time to look for files every once in a while. In less than a day we had cleaned off every piece of paper on every work surface in my office and had them in about 5 different files that became my homework after she left. She provided me with an easy to use daily system for handling documents and files as they came into my office so they were easy to locate and were processed in a timely manner. I now feel much more organized and seem to be able to stay focused on the task at hand. We have had more than one client comment on how much better the office looks. Thank you Michelle"  

Steve R., Corporate (CPA) Client

"Michelle is an outstanding project manager. She digs deep to discover the best and most efficient way to execute a project. She is detail-oriented and stays at the project until it is perfected. She is tireless and attentive. I would love to be able to work with Michelle every day!"  

Lila P., Corporate Client

"Michelle is a solid, conscientious and creative individual with excellent customer management skills and a broad knowledge of the mobile content space. As a member on my team she was exposed to wide variety of challenging engagements all of which she mastered with skill. She learns quickly and easily adapts to changes in a dynamic environment. A real asset and formidable team player."

John F., Corporate Manager

"I can highly recommend Michelle to anyone who is looking for a hard working, motivated and customer-oriented team player. During her time in the Preminet Americas team she had to step up to unforeseen technical, legal, customer and cultural challenges and did so with ease. We were able to quickly promote her to assume responsibility for customer accounts. I also appreciated her wish to always learn more."

Gert C., Corporate Manager

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